Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasts

EDAP‘s macroeconomic area offers complete analysis that provides solid client support to enhance understanding of the Brazilian and international economy. EDAP provides macroeconomic analysis tailored to business persons and executives, which address matters such as level of economic activity, inflation, industrial production, interest rates, external sector, among others.

Macroeconomic analysis is performed by EDAP based on an extensive database and uses the most advanced econometric techniques. In order to meet the needs of our clients, EDAP develops customized products, with short and long term systematic analysis and projection scenarios for the macroeconomic variables most relevant to the business at hand.

EDAP‘s analysis of the current domestic and international environment and short and long term macroeconomic forecasts are made available to clients in a variety of formats. In addition to presentation in traditional document format, these can also be made available via meetings and on-site presentations or conference calls, in whatever manner is most convenient to the client.